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about Welcome to eliza_lims, the last icon maker standing challenge community about the young, hot and very talented, Eliza Dushku.

rules 1. You must join and friend the community in order to participate in the challenges. If you don’t join your sign up won’t be accepted.

2. Round #03 SIGN UP is now open and will be closed when there are at least 15 participants. Don’t forget to read the rules!

3. Each Sunday (timeline can vary), I will post a new challenge that either contains a screencap, a photoshoot or something else that is Eliza-related. You have to create an icon using only the picture provided, but you will be allowed any textures, brushes, text and gradients unless otherwise stated.

4. Every Thursday your icon has to be in. You will reply with the picture and URL of the icon as a comment to the challenge post. All comments are screened and icons will remain anonymous until voting is over. Therefore your icons must be new.

5. Every Friday the voting will go up. Voting rules will be stated in the post. So read them carefully.

6. Every Sunday the results will be posted (including mod's & people's choice and the eliminated icon maker/s).

7. Each participant automatically has the right to skip 1 round, so if you know that you might miss one challenge, you have to use your skip in the SKIP POST and tell me which challenge you can't participate in and you won't get disqualified.
There's a chance to earn a second skip by simply pimping eliza_lims in your journal or community, then paste the link to the SKIP POST and I will add your 2nd skip.

8. Be able to handle possibly negative things about your icons. It's nothing personal, as all entries are anonymous. But if you can't take being voted out, then this isn't the competition community for you.

9. Please include "I'm not nobody” somewhere in your comment when you sign up so I know you've read the rules.

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If you want to affiliate with eliza_lims, comment HERE - accepting only challenge, LIMS and Eliza Dushku related communities

Previous Winners:
Round #01: syxstring
Round #02: wreckhead

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